“SPM Development Services was an extremely helpful teacher and mentor during one of the most challenging times in my education (GCSE). His expert knowledge and friendly banter helped him connect with all of the students on different levels but with the same result, excellent teaching and the passing down of life experiences in the attempt to improve us. Certainly a good induction into the real world during secondary school. I am currently a final year ‘Accounting with Finance’ student at the University of Portsmouth, and some of the life lessons SPM Development Services passed down to me are still relevant today.”

Solomon B, Portsmouth University student

“Throughout my education I have experienced a variety of different teachers, each with their own approach and style to teaching. Without¬†any exaggeration, Simon Piper-Masha and Nikki Aderanti surpass any experience I have had with an educator with their patience, commitment, and how they engage with their students. They took the time to talk to students about their ambitions and career goals. In my experience and I believe I would speak for many, if not all of my fellow students, when I say their involvement in my life was always positive, genuine and outstanding, influencing the person I am today.

I currently run my own business in Bexleyheath from which my dad has been able to retire and I am very happy.  My decision, not to become a teacher, came from the realisation that I had romanticised the idea, that I could be as influential and inspiring as they were in any field I chose. After volunteering in numerous teaching positions I realised how extremely hard teaching is and I valued their efforts even more. Every day, I am fortunate enough to feel very humbled and grateful for my position, and to examine the lives of others who were perhaps not privileged enough to have such immaculate human beings as role models.

To be inspired in life to pursue your dreams and aspirations, beyond my education, for the entirety of my life, it shall be the greatest lesson I believe I shall ever receive.”

Charlie D, Art Entrepreneur

“My name is Connor and I’m currently waiting to join the Royal Marines. Mr Piper Masha was my Business, IT teacher as well as my form tutor when I was back at school. During my time at school I found it tough to concentrate in class and difficult to get along with teachers because of the disruption I caused. I remember a particular event well; I was stressing about a girl that I was going out with, to the point where I got upset. Mr Piper Masha sat down next to me, chatted to me and consistently helped me through it. From that point, I knew that Sir was a good support and mentor. He encouraged me to keep fit in the gym and volunteer as an instructor to young kids. All these helped me pass my fitness exam for the Marines.

I am grateful to Sir.”

Conor D, Royal Marines

“SPM Development Services was able to provide direction, discipline, skills and support, which I felt I needed and he also identified with. In the initial stages of my tuition, a timeline of my courses was analysed whereby weak areas were pinpointed and focused upon and developed. I was directed to obtain the appropriate sources of information and develop my understanding of the subjects, especially those I was unfamiliar with. In turn, this knowledge was fed back to my tutor. The essay questions were also considered and discussed giving further scope to my studies.

Naturally, doing this also provided solid groundwork for my other future essays and expanded my skills, preparing me early on for the end of year exams which, like many, were constantly on my mind. To easy my tensions and bolster my confidence these areas were continuously revisited which refreshed my knowledge of the subject. Throughout my time with SPM Development Services, I became became more sure in knowing what to look for when studying and planning for essays. I was also constantly reminded of the possibility of using knowledge from one subject and feeding it into another to provide linkage and further understanding.

Exam preparation was key in which SPM Development Services greatly helped with, providing me with helpful exam techniques such as being able to write up quick, well developed and coherent essay plans. Concise relevant revision notes were also written up.

I would say that the skills and development gained from SPM Development Services tutoring me still helps me to this day and makes me feel confident in study, planning and preparation. It also helps if a tutor has a sociable side to them, as it greatly aids in building a relationship of trust between student and tutor. I would say this was strongly the case with SPM Development Services.”

Luke R

“SPM Development Services business studies tutoring helped me enormously. I passed my A level with an A grade as a direct result of his teaching. Clear and precise guidance with tests and home study. His one to one approach worked well, and his enthusiasm for the subject was infectious. I was able to retain more information on the subject as a result of SPM Development Services tutoring skills. I would fully recommend SPM Development Services without hesitation.”

Sam F

“Over the last 6 years, SPM Development Services has helped me with various subjects, ICT, Business Studies and Economics. I am now going to university to study Business. He is friendly and takes time to get to know his students. He is reliable, always on time and also has a great sense of humour, which makes studying enjoyable. He took an interest in my cricket too, helping me keep focused on my studies whilst progressing as a potential first class cricketer.”