SPM Development Services-Key Worker services

SPM Development Key Workers are a named member of staff who has a central role in respect of a particular child. A key Worker’s area of responsibilty are broad, and involve getting to know the young person in an enhanced way including their case history and the details of their file.

Our keyworking service will help to address the individual needs of young people and their families to tackle issues such as disaffection and lack of engagment, low self esteem and confident and low academic achievement.

Benefits of keyworking:

When mentors are integrated into school environments, they are better able to advocate on their mentees’ behalf. They can speak directly with their teacher staff and resolve problems before they escalate.

The school setting enables behaviour and academic issues to be addressed before exclusions or successful reintegration back into mainstream education following exclusion.

SPM’s keyworking services aim to:

1. Promote a sense of security and to establish a feeling of belonging in the wider community;

2. Lay the foundation of personal growth in social skill and to develop confidence and positive self-image;

3. Establish a “caring community” and to foster this concept in relation to the wider community;

4. Help young people make responsible, realistic and informed decisions; and

5.  Help young people develop the skills to cope with the transition to adulthood and independence. If your organisation is responsible for this sort of learning and needs to demonstrate this sort of achievement with young people, then this service is ideal for you.