Training & Coaching Programme

SPM Consultancy uses its extensive knowledge of the education sector to provide flexible educational services designed to support schools/institutions in reaching their maximum potential.

Our highly experienced trainers and Mentors are able to offer one-to-one or group/team support to schools. SPM delivers engaging and informative training for your school’s needs. Whether you require leadership and management support, teaching and learning support or help in the development of specific subject areas, we can provide the support required. We can provide CP and INSET training depending on the requirements of the school/institution.

Find out the training and deliver for Teaching Staff here

Find out the training and deliver for Middle Leaders here 


The benefits from a continuous development programme (CPD) to teaching and non-teaching staff and Middle leaders are vast, palpable and reproducible.

They range from a marked improvement in delivery of teaching and learning, more confident teachers, improved exam results from students, improved application of knowledge acquired for students, more enthused staff and learners, increase in opportunities for progression to Institutions of higher learning (home and abroad), overall efficient systems within the school and a wholesome learning environment where “Every child matters”.