Training and Delivery for Teaching Staff

School’s requirements are assessed and training is tailored to meet the unique requirements of individual schools and specific subject areas. These training aspects are delivered over an agreed period to enable feedback and the successful application of skills and methodologies acquired. All training provided is tracked for success analysis.

Some examples of specific training provided include;

LEARNING AND APPLICATION – Importance of subject knowledge, curriculum, and making the topics practical, purposeful, relevant and applicable.

LESSON PREPARATION AND LEARNING STYLES – Strategies for quick lesson planning taking into cognisance the various learning styles of students.

LESSON DELIVERY INCORPORATING BLOOMS TAXONOMY – “Bringing learning to life”. Structure and skills required to deliver “good to outstanding” lessons incorporating higher level thinking skills.

ASSESSMENTS, HOMEWORK AND APP – Consolidating and extending learning through assessments in lessons and relevant homework/further research.

TARGET ATTAINMENT AND INTERVENTION STRATEGIES – Importance of student’s targets, data tracking leading to targeted interventions and incorporating recommended strategies for achievement.

RAISING STANDARDS IN LITERACY AND MATHS – Incorporating literacy and maths into all subject areas and the application of these skills.