Training and Delivery for Middle Leaders

Middle leaders/managers’ requirements are assessed and training is also tailored to meet their unique requirements. Middle leaders have a significant role to play in the successful cascading of the whole school ethos and goals. The training package targeted to meet their respective departmental needs will include:

VISION AND TRANSLATION – Understanding the whole school vision and aligning the department’s vision with focus on specific subject areas.

EXPECTATIONS AND STRUCTURE – Cascading clear expectations and creating a structure to engender success.

DATA ANALYSIS, ACHIEVABLE TARGETS (SMART) – Ability to analyse and track current and projected attainment data to produce achievable targets.

OBSERVATION OF TEACHING AND LEARNING – Equipping middle leaders with observation skills and the provision of accessible tools for improvement.

DEVELOPING NQTs – Investing and supporting NQT’s and strategies to ensure that the good teachers remain in the department.

CURRICULUM PLANNING AND EXAM PREPARATION – Whole department examination preparation alongside intervention (liaising with SLT) based on IGCSE, WAEC and IB.

ACCOUNTABILITY – Top down accountability for overall success in specific subject areas within the school. Effective use of Performance management targets.

The benefits from a Continuous Development Programme (CPD) to teaching and non-teaching staff and Middle Leaders are vast, palpable and reproducible.

They range from a marked improvement in delivery of teaching and learning, more confident teachers, improved exam results from students, improved application of knowledge acquired for students, more enthused staff and learners, increase in opportunities for progression to Institutions of higher learning (home and abroad) , overall efficient systems within the school and a wholesome learning environment where “Every child matters”.