Homeschooling and Tutoring
SPM Development Services is made up of experienced teachers and managers with considerable SEND experiencec and people skills. The desire of the team is to improve educational standards and to help bring learning “to life” in all subject areas and ensure all can access the curriculum.

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‘Think, Believe, Do’

The SPM Development Services Mentoring programme prides itself on focusing and achieving tangible deliverables. Tracking the improvement and palpable progress made justifies the investment in the programme.

The SPM Peer Mentoring Programme is designed to provide young people from all backgrounds with a variety of coping strategies and routines whilst enhancing their educational, recreational and social experience. This is achieved by facilitating positive relationships that encourage participants to thrive in the pursuit of academic success, effective social skills and heightened self-awareness.

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Extra Curricular Mentoring
At SPM Development Services we aim to provide a link between schools, parents and other service providers to help young people turn their lives around and become productive members of their community.

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Online Mentoring
SPM Development Services online mentoring conencts young people with inspirational role models, to help them make confident and informed decisions about their future. Online mentoring can achieve many different goals which you can find out more about here.

Key Worker Services
SPM Development Key Workers are a named member of staff who has a central role in respect of a particular child. A key Worker’s area of responsibilty are broad, and involve getting to know the young person in an enhanced way including their case history and the details of their file.

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Training and Coaching Programme

SPM Consultancy uses its extensive knowledge of the education sector to provide flexible educational services designed to support schools/institutions in reaching their maximum potential.

Our highly experienced trainers and Mentors are able to offer one-to-one or group/team support to schools. SPM delivers engaging and informative training for your school’s needs. Whether you require leadership and management support, teaching and learning support or help in the development of specific subject areas, we can provide the support required. We can provide CPD and INSET training depending on the requirements of the school/institution.

Training and Delivery for Teaching Staff

School’s requirements are assessed and training is tailored to meet the unique requirements of individual schools and specific subject areas. These training aspects are delivered over an agreed period to enable feedback and the successful application of skills and methodologies acquired. All training provided is tracked for success analysis.

Training and Delivery for Middle Leaders

Middle leaders/managers’ requirements are assessed and training is also tailored to meet their unique requirements. Middle Leaders have a significant role to play in the successful cascading of the whole school ethos and goals.