About Us

SPM Development Services is made up of experienced teachers and managers with considerable business acumen and people skills.

The desire of the team is to improve educational standards and to help bring learning “to life” in all subject areas within schools.

This is achieved by enthusing, engaging, motivating and supporting teachers and school management through sharing of best practice. Such practices incorporate;

  • Effective teamwork
  • Excellent communication
  • Pursuit of excellence.

Our combined experiences in the field of education span well over two decades. Team members have worked in middle and senior management positions and continue to do so in London schools. At SPM, We are also focussed on delivering excellent academic results and tangible pastoral progress for young individuals. The team fully utilises our combined skills to improve schools’ processes and structures whilst mentoring young students ages 11-19. We are constantly involved in working with disaffected youths in schools and colleges and we provide teachers with the tools to deliver robust and outstanding lessons.